Message from Webmaster

Hi, I am the Webmaster of the Captain Dave pages.

This page has absolutely nothing to do with Captain David Ellis at all but if you are interested in how this page was put together then this is the section you are looking for!

My mother is Susan Ellis Berghan, the web site's author and a descendant of Captain Dave. This site came about because of a class she took at the University of Washington. "Great love" isn't really the right term for how much she loves history. "Fiery passion" is more accurate. She got interested in genealogy because it combined her love of history and her love of family.

Now, I bet you are thinking: "Wait, what about the University class she took?" right? Well, she took that class in the autumn of 2002 to better her understanding of genealogy.

Their "End of the year term paper" was to write a 25 page report (she went over) about one of your descendants. Thus, the story of Captain Dave was born!

For 2 years now she has always wanted to finalize that story and make it public and she got that chance, May 2005.

In May I began a study of HTML (Hyper Text Mark-up Language), the original program used for designing web sites, with an old friend of mine, John Gibbs. For those of you who think you might know him, he is Assistant Head of the Music Library at the University of Washington in Seattle.

HTML is the original program used for designing web pages. It is easier than other programs and because you are writing the code yourself, you can be a LOT more specific in what you want for your page.

Now, once I mastered HTML a month later my Mother asked me to take "That report I did on your Great-Great-Grandfather a few years ago" and to put it on the web. This has been a great learning experience for me as well. I have learned to bend HTML and to really think about the code more thoroughly.

If anybody out there in the Seattle area is interested in having a web site done VERY SPECIFICALLY using the first ever, and still best, program for web sites, let me know at:






which I have mentioned on the home page.

Now comes the section for us geeks!

Code Examples

For those of you who are also geeks for technology, here are some code examples used throughout this series of pages on genealogy.

Okay, let's begin with those blue tables you see frequently.

Do you remember earlier in the sites how every now and then you would see a blue table with a picture and a sub title below it? Isn't that blue a pretty blue? Well, now I'm going to show you the code behind it!

Step 1. Open the program Notepad, it will be under the Accessories section of your Start menu.

Step 2. Write the following,

this is a test

<center> <table border=3 bordercolor="#104E8B">
<th> <img src="(put the name of your favorite Jpeg image here).jpg" width=300 length=300>
<td> <center> Your picture above</center> </td>
</table> </center>


Step 3. Save your document as "Captain Dave web page experiment.html" in the same folder as the picture you used.

Step 4. Go to that folder and double click on the file.

Step 5. You should see this:

Your picture above

Now, that was pretty cool! You just created what you saw in this web site many times yourself!

Well, anyway, I hope all you geeks out there enjoyed the code example. I know I loved making this page!

So, now that you know how the story of Capt. Dave came about, how I designed this page, AND how to get a page of your own from the same designer as Capt. Dave. . . go back and read it all again! What, you got a hot date or something? Don't have time to learn?

David R. Berghan
May 2005 through October 2005